Oberon and District Museum’s annual general meeting is coming up on Sunday September 13, at 3.00pm at the museum. Members are encouraged to attend to find out what has been happening over the past few months, as well as elect the committee for the coming year.

The photo below is one of the results of funding received from Oberon Council as part of a Museums and Markets Trail which is being co-ordinated by Councils Development Officer, Mathew Webb. Mark, from Marks Signage, has done a wonderful job enlarging two photos so that they fill a whole wall behind the 1930s streetscape. The smaller insert is an early shot of the Main Street looking east and the larger photo is looking east again, probably sometime in the 1940s.

The museum put out a call for aquariums not so long ago and was very pleased to receive donations from Horrie Lewis, Julie Anne Rowlandson and Joy Toole for which we are most grateful. These are great display cabinets particularly for ceramics and old bottles, and they provide good security as well. Another thank you must go to Billie Rowe for donating a very versatile glass display cabinet which is now housing a range of old musical instruments.