Back in 1987 a pottery teacher from Bathurst suggested to her “students” at the Oberon Day Care Centre that they embark on a project of building a model of the township as it was in the 1930s. A tall order since it meant casting their minds back 50 years! However, with the help of a well know identity “Aunty Ollie”, and a number of older Day Care people, plus old photos and much talk, the work began.

Pyneboard donated wood for the base and the “workers” spent several months building, painting and decorating a papier mache base, before starting on pottery replicas of buildings like the Malachi Gilmore Hall, Ramsgate, Nurse Fox’s home, the Post Office, and Cashins store, just to mention a few, as well as numerous animals, and lots of backyard dunnies!

There were over 2,000 pieces in all, and the project took  over 12 months to complete.